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Being unprepared for the realities of the construction process can easily overwhelm your decision making ability and lead to poor choices.

A successful project starts with a clear understanding of what you need, what will work within your given space, the proper construction methods and what can be accomplished within your given budget.

By having a solid plan before you start you can ensure that the finished product is built correctly, blends form & function beautifully and gives you good value for the costs involved.

We strive to provide our potential clients with the tools needed to make informed decisions saving them time & money.

How does it work ?

Once you have made contact we can determine if you require a FREE ESTIMATE which includes a brief meeting to discuss your project and a written quote or a DESIGN CONSULTATION which will provide you with a more in depth and detailed discussion including design ideas as well as a written quote(s).

Which one is right for you ?


- brief meeting to discuss your project (s)

- written quote

    ( no charge)

DESIGN CONSULTATION (applicable fee)

- in depth & detailed meeting to discuss your project (s)

- design ideas

- written quote (s)

-opportunity to purchase basic shop drawing(s) at an additional fee

$ 199.00 + GST / 60 minute consultation

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